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15 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe

The idea of a beautiful village is to have a picture postcard scenic value with ideal seclusion and serenity. For years many villages in Europe have been hidden to the human eye, but Europe is full of beautiful villages which travelers find beautiful and breathtaking. These 15 villages lined up are the most beautiful villages in Europe rated according to the traveller’s and explorer’s choices. Although reaching these serene places may require some extra effort, it might be worth the trouble and your eyes will thank you for the dazzling views you are to experience.

1. Bibury, England

Described as ‘the most beautiful village in England’ by William Morris (1834-96), Bibury is considered one of the most picturesque villages on Earth. It is a charming and typical Cotswold village in England. The major attractions in Bibury are the Arlington Row, a row of weavers cottages built of local stone, the Bibury Trout Farm and the Saxon Church, the Church of St Mary.

Bibury, England

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