15 Best Beach Resorts of Costa Rica

Costa Rica, known worldwide for its natural beauty and splendor attracts tourists in large numbers precisely because of this reason. A perfect vacation would amount to staying in the midst of this beauty yet being provided with all the basic comforts. Our list of top 15 resorts in Costa Rica will help you plan that perfect getaway.

1. J W Marriot

One of the class resorts in the area, J W Marriot offers all the amenities which a high-end traveler seeks on his vacation. The resort incorporates generous elements of Costa Rican architecture in the construction of its rooms making it truly stand out from the rest. Located on Mansita beach, Marriot with its 310 rooms offers guests a unique, luxurious and peaceful stay. The infinity pool, the free flowing pool and the state-of-the-art spas give guests a truly relaxing experience.

Costa Rica Beach Resorts

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