Top 15 Places to Visit in Brazil

There isn’t any place as beautiful and diverse as Brazil, also known as the land of wetlands and vivid wildlife. This is a huge South American country to cover at least 7500 kilometer of coastline that offers scintillating beaches and white sands, coupled with panoramic view of the mighty ocean. Today, I am going to take my readers on a whirlwind ride on a journey to Brazil – the land which never ceases to surprise you with its myriad charms. Come take a look at the top 15 touristic places in Brazil that are ever popular among travelers.

1. Ouro Preto

Black Gold is the literal meaning of this town that we all know by the name of Ouro Preto. It was during the famed gold rush that this colonial town was found. Ouro Preto is well known for its Portuguese architecture and is visited by a vast number of tourists from all over the globe. Most famous are the gold decorated churches that are the epicenter of all the touristic spots in the town.

Travel places in Brazil

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