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Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Ecuador

Ecuador or officially the republic of Ecuador is a representative democratic republic in northwestern South America which is a land of rich cultural and historical attractions, natural wonders with beautiful landscapes ranging from serene tropical rain forests to glaciated volcanoes. Ecuador is a destination where you can quench all your thirsts when it comes to travel and leisure, either you can take a nice long walk in the evening through the churches of Quito, the nation’s capital or else you can go whitewater rafting down the tributaries of the great river amazon. Fun, adventure or quiet and peaceful leisure, you name it, Ecuador will give you the exact same thing. Here are the top 15 tourist attractions of Ecuador that you should not miss.

1. La Compañía, Quito

Quito is quite famous for its churches and cathedrals but located at the heart of the town, La Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús or in other words, the church of the society of Jesus is one of the most gracious and admirable places in the city. The church was built in the early 1600s and the design and architecture gives the idea of Baroque architecture of the world coming down from such a line of history.

the church of the society of Jesus

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