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15 World’s Best Amusement Parks

Looking for that adrenaline rush or wishing to spend a fun filled day with your family. An amusement park fits the bill perfectly as it has the right mix of ingredients which appeals both to the young and the old ensuring everyone has a great time. The below list is a compilation of the world’s best amusement parks.

1. Walt Disney World

Any list on amusement parks has to begin with Walt Disney World, the mother of all amusement parks. Comprising of four theme parks, water parks, golf course, spa centers and shopping arcades, Disney is place where our fantasies come to life. Come experience ultimate fun by going on some of the thrilling rides of your life such as Splash Mountain, Expedition Everest and the Indiana Jones Adventure. Lose yourself in the Magic kingdom and become a child again as you are transported to the magical land of your fairy tales.

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