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50 Breathtaking Waterfalls Around the World [Part 1]

Waterfalls are beautiful! They portray the beauty of nature and their amazing look is what many people enjoy when they visit waterfalls. There are so many breathtaking waterfalls all over the world, and so many tourists visit them every year in order to enjoy their beauty and also to have great fun in just being out there.

This is the first part of this article that is going to list 25 Breathtaking Waterfalls Around the World. Hold your breath for these amazing waterfalls on planet Earth.

1. Alamere Falls

Take a very adventurous trip to this crystal clear waterfall beside the sea. Aside from hiking, you can spice up the fun either by swimming or swinging in ropes (or both). Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County in California houses this beautiful waterfall. It is quite stunning. The water that falls from the height of 40 feet is enough to satisfy your “hydrophilic” body.

World's Amazing Waterfalls

Image Credit: stoneschool

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