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15 Amazing Places to Visit in Iceland

What comes to your minds when you think of Iceland? That will be Ice probably. What we imagine of this country is ice everywhere from the meadows to the ice capped mountains. But if you take a closer look, you will see that there’s more to this beautiful country than ice. We can recognize Iceland as a unique holiday destination but the ones who actually have lived the experience in Iceland knows that it is not merely a beautiful destination, it is an adventure. Travelers pick Iceland every year for holidaying because of the stunning Icelandic nature, views, the beautiful landscapes and the inspiring and talented Icelandic people. Take a look at the 15 amazing places in Iceland to visit in the wonderful place, the next time you plan your vacation.

1. Blue lagoon

This is the only place in the world where you can take off your clothes and go for a swim at 40 degree Celsius and yet be surrounded by snow and ice all the time through. This is a very popular handmade geothermal spa of crystal water and the whole concept of swimming in crystal water in the middle of ice and snow makes this a place of interest among many tourists who visit the land.

Places to Visit in Iceland

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