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15 Most Popular Underground Caves in the World

Are you planning an adventurous holiday with your friends and family? What about visiting fifteen of the most amazing caves in the world? Now it’s time to be rescued from a busy and boring office to the adventurous thrilling underground caves. Spending some quality time in the underground caves is indeed the best way to enjoy your holiday. The world is full of the adventurous and amazing underground caves where you may find the light of joy in the pitch-black darkness. If you are an adventure lover and daring man, then you must try these 15 most amazing caves in the world within your lifetime.

1. Cave of the Ghost

Located at Cainama national park of Venezuela, this cave is also familiar as ‘La Cueva del Fantasma’. This is an amazing cave which is situated in biologically rich and geologically antique place. It is scarcely big enough to contain two choppers!

Cave of the Ghost

Image Credit: randomlynew

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