20 Top Tourist Attractions in England

The great thing about traveling to England is that there are absolutely so many interesting sites to see. What’s even great is the fact that most of these attractions are free for you to witness, from the medieval castles, historic Cathedrals, the iconic London Eye, the Cotswold’s and many more. The country has definitely a lot of things to offer for any kind of traveler. So if you happen to drop by in this beautiful country in one of your European trips, you better make sure to check out these 20 top tourist attractions.

1. Hadrian’s Wall

The Hadrian’s Wall was built in 128 AD by the Romans in order to keep their colony protected against the Pictish tribes of Scotland. The wall stretches to as far as 87 miles across the northern part of England and is a must visit if you happen to visit England. There are nearby hotels and public houses as well as restaurants that serve the finest dishes and refreshments.

Pictish tribes of Scotland

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