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15 Tourist Attractions in Panama City

Known as the crossroads of the Americas, panama is the meeting point of the North and South America as well as the meeting point of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean at the country’s most renowned place, the Panama Canal. Most of the tourists visit the country just due to the Panama Canal but through experience we know that, they stay for everything else in the country and not just for the canal. One thing you can enjoy in Panama to the brim is the fishing which accounts to the meaning of the word “panama” being “abundance of fish”. Put together here are the top 15 tourist attractions in Panama City.

1. Isla Taboga

Located about 20km away from the City, this is the perfect get away from the City and you can enjoy time at the Taboga by taking a bath in sandy beaches or enjoying riding Jet Skis or speed boats and last but not least, the fishing charters. The Isla Taboga has a charming little village with the second oldest church of the western hemisphere.

the second oldest church of the western hemisphere

Image Credit: Panoramio

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